Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to all your frequently asked questions below.

Q: I see a job that is a good fit with my skills. How do I apply?
A: Please apply through our online portal and be sure to include your employee ID in your application.

Q: Do internal candidates have a better chance than external candidates?
A: We are always looking for the best fit. Sometimes the experience that an internal candidate has will make them more qualified, but sometimes external candidates come with experience and knowledge that is beneficial to the team.

Q: What happens to my resume after I submit it?
A: If your resume is submitted for a current opening and is not a duplicate resume, following review, you may receive a request for an interview from the hiring team. Sometimes this process takes some time as external applicants are also being considered. If you have questions about the status of your application, please contact the Recruiting Team.

Q: What are the qualifications?
A: If you have a satisfactory performance rating and have been an employee for at least one year for intradepartmental transfers or six months for interdepartmental transfers, you are eligible to apply for a job through our program.  Please note that many positions do have educational requirements that must be met as well.  Time spent in a trainee position or time spent as a former employee do not count towards the time minimums.